Would you like to have a clear view of your targetgroup and of the quickest way to reach it?

We are offering you a method that is 100% successful. The goal? To increase your revenues by over 20%.

To do so, we start from the principle that your sales results are not a question of luck, but the logical continuation of a measurable and foreseeable mathematical process, which can be managed or influenced at any time.

Thanks to our assessment, no more empty calendars and salesmen working on intuition! You are now in a position to identify all your untapped commercial opportunities and to increase your salespeople’s results quickly.

  • Stage 1: We organise a meeting with your team, in order to review your expectations and your target goal.
  • Stage 2: You disclose a limited amount of information to us (like your client list and your revenues for each sector), which we enter into our system.
  • Stage 3: We consolidate and enrich your data. Then we draw up an initial review.
  • Stage 4: Thanks to explicit performance indicators, we analyse the results together and highlight untapped commercial opportunities.
  • Stage 5: We assess the potential of each commercial opportunity and choose the most realistic and profitable options together with you, in both the short and medium term.
  • Stage 6: On this basis, we provide you with:
    • A practical action plan to attract, keep and boost your client base; 
    • Client and prospective client target lists, which we will have enhanced beforehand for each salesperson;
    • An adjustment to your sales pitch, in order to enable your salesmen to sell more easily and at a higher margin (CODE method);
    • And plenty of practical advice to guarantee you the best outcome.

Angela Leone - Sales Consult

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