Sales Consult

Sales Consult is a consultancy, coaching, hiring and outsourcing firm that specialises in sales. With over 200 clients and € 12 million in revenues, we help many companies attract, keep and boost their client base every day.

Thanks to our hands-on and innovative approach, we enable our clients to be more effective and to make rapid changes to their sales performance.

Our key values are:

  • Growth: the will to progress, to increase your revenues and to develop your and/or our employees, while respecting their personality.
  • Results: a real desire to achieve more impressive results, to do business as a team, to pay attention to personal contacts on an ongoing basis, to explain our actions, and especially to keep our promises.
  • Innovation: a desire to innovate, to renew ourselves in a diverse way, to change thanks to opportunities, to act and to grow your Return on Innovation (ROI).
  • Passion: passionate about energy. Passionate about selling, as an art and a science. Passionate about our employees, our organisation and our clients. Passionate about exceeding ourselves…
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